Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CIA Marijuana Procurement Mishap Believed Responsible For Paris Attacks

A Paris vigil honoring the 129 dead and hundreds injured during Friday's terror attacks. Photo: Karin Dalziel/TYDN 
WASHINGTON—(TYDN) The Central Intelligence Agency's new marijuana-doping program aimed at combating the Islamic State is likely the reason the terror group carried out the Paris attacks, TheYellowDailyNews has learned.

Several sources within and outside the agency, speaking to TheYellowDailyNews exclusively, said the agency's first test of its anti-ISIS drug program was a failure and backfired.

The sources, who sought anonymity and were granted anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic, said the CIA secretly distributed to ISIS members thousands of pounds of sativa marijuana, the type of strain that stimulated and energized the terrorists. A CIA procurement officer checked the wrong box on a form, and should have chosen indica marijuana, the strain that produces a body high and is a relaxant overall, insiders said.

"The going intelligence assessment right now is that our undercover operatives, within the last few weeks, had given away the wrong strain of marijuana throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We regretfully gave ISIS jihadists an excitable high. We had picked up chatter that there was a Paris attacks in the works, and we wanted to head it off but instead we inadvertently stoked it," one well placed, high-ranking CIA agent with direct knowledge of the issue told TheYellowDailyNews.

"We're afraid Congress is going to have hearings questioning our ability to correctly check boxes on procurement forms," the source added.

The procurement mishap, if true, would be the biggest in more than three decades. A CIA procurement officer checked the wrong box sometime in the early 1980s, resulting in the agency funneling cocaine to Latin American revolutionaries. The procurement officer was supposed to have gotten office supplies like paperclips, notepads, pens, and pencils for its British offices.

ISIS claimed responsibility for a string of Friday attacks in Paris, which included suicide bombings and opening gunfire on innocent people. At least 129 were killed. Scores of others were injured.

White House sources told TheYellowDailyNews early Wednesday that President Barack Obama had personally apologized to Francios Hollande, the French president. The 5-minute telephone call from Obama was described as "cordial" by a well-placed administration official who spoke to TheYellowDailyNews on condition of anonymity.

The CIA, meanwhile, declined to identify the procurement officer at the center of the marijuana debacle. Sources, however, told TheYellowDailyNews that the male officer had been with the agency 14 years and was suspended with pay for 18 months pending the outcome of an investigation.