Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Feature: How the iPad Altered the Playboy Centerfold Shoot

LOS ANGELES—(TYDN) Countless men eagerly would accept Pierre Goodlfiran's job, even without his six-figure annual salary. Many would even pay for his job, or give their first born just to watch him work, TheYellowDailyNews has learned.

At his 30th centerfold shoot here in the Playboy Mansion, the 47-year-old Frenchman is sizing up nudie sensation Yolanda Aconda, the blond porn starlet featured in box office hits like Yolanda Aconda is La Bomba, and Yolanda Does Dallas.

Pierre Goodlfiran checks the lighting before centerfold shoot with Yolanda Aconda. Photo: YouTube
Absent on the shooting set, however, are the props that once went along with a model posing for the Playboy centerfold. With the advent of the iPad—only about 9 inches big—the props drown out the model's features on the small tablet screen.

"We used to decide on a set based on a model's background and interests, and tried to tell a story in every centerfold to give the reader a sense of who the girl is about," Goodlfiran said in an exclusive interview with TheYellowDailyNews. "There's just no room for props like taxi cabs or plow shears anymore. With the iPad, we can barely get the girl's feet in the picture. And you know how important feet are."

Goodlfiran, with his thinning, gray hair pulled into a pony tail, says the iPad has completely altered the centerfold shoot. Even the models have changed, too.

"Nobody cares about the set anymore. Give me a bed and colored sheets that go well with the model's skin tone," he said. "Today's readers just want images of the girl, and the shorter the women are now, the better. They fit more nicely on the iPad screen."

Aconda's spread is expected to appear on iPads in November.

Having always been a digital native, the 25-year-old Brazilian porn starlet said she was too young to know of the times before the Digital Age. But she did say that, indeed, advances in technology have radically changed her profession in other ways.

The advent of Viagra has been both a plus and a minus to the porn industry, she said.

"We sold five million copies of Yolanda Takes on Rio de Jeneiro," Aconda said. "But I couldn't perform for like two months afterwards."

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