Sunday, November 2, 2008

TYDN Recommends Vote for McCain, Obama

WASHINGTON -- (TYDN) TheYellowDailyNews editorial board recommends pulling the ballot lever Tuesday for the presidential candidate whom voters believe is telling fewer untruths. Most important, we recommend voting for the candidate you believe would screw up the country less than their rival.

TheYellowDailyNews also recommends voters to consider balloting for the candidate they think would tax them less while taxing their neighbors more. And depending on whether you're a hawk or dove, we urge voters to pick the candidate that fits into their views of wanting less or more war.

Also, consider whether terrorists would immediately attack us to test the newly elected president's leadership skills.

In short, TheYellowDailyNews is recommending a "yes" or "no" vote for the Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain of Arizona; or the Democrats' candidate, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

For those who are still undecided, here's a brief synopsis of the campaign:

Each candidate says the other would tax you out of existence. Each candidate says wars would ignite across the globe if their rival is elected to succeed President Bush, the nation's 44th chief executive.

What's more, each candidate says Americans' are likely to lose their jobs or become homeless if the other wins. Social security would dry up if either candidate wins, according to the campaigns. And if the candidates are to be believed, the environment would be torn asunder if either candidate wins.

The war in Iraq will never end, according to both campaigns' finger-pointing.

Oil prices would also skyrocket. Famine and a plague of locusts are likely. Neither campaign, according to the campaigns, would do enough to cut crime, thus exposing everyone to an ever greater likelihood of being assaulted should the other candidate win.

Energy costs would soar and housing prices would tumble no matter which candidate prevails, the candidates say, while inflation would run rampant.

So on Tuesday, TheYellowDailyNews editorial board recommends voters pick the best candidate to lead through these troubling times.