Thursday, October 23, 2008

Analysis: Palin Looks Same Despite Clothing Upgrade

WASHINGTON -- (TYDN) Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's look has not changed measurable from her "Working Girl" formula of authoritative jackets paired with feminine skirts, according to an in-depth analysis by TheYellowDailyNews.

Despite Republicans spending about $150,000 to upgrade her wardrobe, TheYellowDailyNews' examination found that Palin looked essentially identical to before the wardrobe makeover.

That Palin's look remains virtually unchanged has many analysts wondering whether she's fit to be elected president-in-waiting. The trips to Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue amounted to a switch to designer versions of clothing she was already wearing with no discernible difference, the investigation by TheYellowDailyNews concluded.

"My first reaction when I heard about this was, 'Honey, I could have dressed you for a lot less than that,'" said Cindi Leive, the editor in chief of Vogue magazine. "Most of her bracelet sleeve jackets are so generic-looking that they could have come from any of the favored designers of Washington politicians: Oscar de la Renta, Escada and St. John."

In a joint Vogue-TheYellowDailyNews survey of likely voters, 72 percent of respondents said Palin paid too much.

TheYellowDailyNews' analysis, the nation's first, comes at a time when Palin's looks have grabbed as much or more attention than her conservative political views. Pakistan's new president, Asif Ali Zardari, called Palin gorgeous when he met her weeks ago. Readers of the men's magazine Maxim voted her one of the planet's sexiest politicians.

Good-looking, cute, even "hot" -- these are just some adjectives used to describe Republican presidential candidate John McCain's running mate, even as some commentators and party insiders question her competence to serve while others call the obsession with her appearance sexism.

Other analysts said the $150,000 spent on new clothes could help stimulate the economy.

"There's no upside to looking frumpy or dowdy," said Simon Doonan, creative director for the New York-based fashion house Henry Bendel.

Glamour magazine publisher Harriett Volgsprada also questioned Palin's fitness to lead.

"The square ivory jacket she wore during her acceptance speech at the Republican Convention was a $2,500 silk shantung Valentino from Saks," Volgsprada said in an exclusive interview with TheYellowDailyNews. "But the black wrap jacket she wore for the vice-presidential debate in St. Louis was a Tahari suit that costs less than $200. And don't get me started on those red imitation croc pumps from Kate Spade."

Photos: geerlingguy